The Grand Opening of THE JAR

Really cool desktop pic. I use it on my laptop. I just put it up to see what will happen after I upload a photo.

I'm thinking it should be 'The Jar without the r'. But I cannot figure out how to bolden the first two words. So we will just have to live with the shorter version for the time being.

Anyway, I am planning to publish certain amount of research works and daily diary stuff on this website. I will try something in Chinese too, after I install a cool font on this database.

I wonder who will be the first one wandering onto this web page. If you successfully manage to convince me that you are my first, I will personally build a math model/code a program in C++ or Matlab for your course work.

LOL. Well, next time I will formally introduce myself. If anyone thinks I am too famous for a self introduction, well, let me know, then I can plan for something special( how about a brief introduction on WWN ?  : ) ).

I have to find out how to type math equations in this. Adios.

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  1. Boltzmann Brain says:

    Im the first!!

  2. Boltzmann Brain says:


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